CEO of INK Games




Robert Towles

Robert was born by humble means in a small desert city located in Southern California. From a young age, he exhibited an innate thrill for adventure and adrenaline, constantly seeking opportunities to test the limits of what seemed possible beyond the hand he was dealt. These traits, coupled with his intense grit and remarkable skill for building interpersonal relationships, would pave the road to his lifelong success and achievement.
Robert is a seasoned investor with multiple, multi-million dollar exits across various industries. He has an eye for investing, analyzing trends, and asset acquisition with a diverse sales and marketing background. Robert is often a lead investor in the gaming space, one franchise alone now generating 27MM MAUs and $1.2MM in daily revenue.
Prior to a $100MM+ exit to Caesars Interactive Entertainment, he led the launch and growth of a 65,000 user platform, generating $45MM+ annual run rate in the highly competitive functional beverage niche. Notably, Robert and the team accelerated this growth through well-planned, viral, social media campaigns.
Robert has been married to his wife and best friend for 27 years and they have four amazing children together. Robert uses a partnership mindset and an eye for forward technology trends to develop innovative products and services with the potential for massive scale and global adoption. He’s especially interested in projects and ideas too big or intimidating for the average investor.


Current Project

Today, Robert has his sights on his most rewarding feat to date – INK™, an emerging technology startup. As the founder and CEO of INK Holdings™, Robert is now focused on building the company’s gaming platform INK Games™ and the company’s p2p payment app, INK Pay App™.
INK has unleashed a groundbreaking AI-driven platform that revolutionizes how millions of gamers and pay app users engage in transactions across gaming, fintech, and everyday spend. This pioneering technology transforms the smartphone into a powerful tool for earning, allowing users to monetize their invites, social connections, and the viral reach of their network indefinitely. With INK, users receive royalties from the revenue generated through their connectivity, harnessing the power of viral and network effects. INK Games and INK Pay App, both under the umbrella of INK Holdings, are at the forefront of this transformative digital economy.
INK is also particularly exciting at a time when users are spending billions of hours and dollars on in-app purchases, in-game transactions, and digital assets.