About Robert Towles

Robert is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple, multi-million dollar exits. He has led several investments in the mobile gaming space — one of which attracted 2.7 million active monthly users and generated $72 million in annual run-rate revenues. Robert helped guide this company to a $100+ million exit to a notable media company.
Prior to this, Robert founded and grew a social-driven, health and wellness company. Under Robert’s leadership, the company established a platform of more than 65,000 users and drove over $45 million in product sales despite intense, well-funded competition in the space. Robert and his team accomplished this by leveraging social selling — including crafting viral, influencer led Facebook marketing campaigns.
Robert uses a partnership mindset and an eye for forward technology trends to develop innovative products and services with the potential for massive scale and marketable, mainstream interest.
He’s especially fond of the projects and ideas too big or scary for the average founder and investor.

“Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity.”

– Seneca

Current Project

Today, Robert is founder and CEO of InfluenceINK, an emerging technology startup. Having recently launched, InfluenceMine, a digital currency and blockchain mining product designed for everyday consumers, Robert is now focused on the company’s next line of business: INKGames.

INKGames is the company’s digital and mobile gaming business unit targeting gamers, online users and social influencers. The company is building a first-of-its-kind game platform where users can “buy” territories in the form of postal codes, which represent ownership in the platform’s gaming universe. As the company builds games — and
launches other game publishers’ games on the platform — users will
earn income for the users, activities, and assets inside their territories.

The company’s aim is to build engaging, digital games that incentivize user sign-ups and reward influencers for their role in building game communities, while giving back to users for their ongoing participation.

Game companies and development studios are reaping massive profits by leveraging the relationships of their users. We reward users for onboarding other users — in perpetuity.

That’s the way it should be.

This project is particularly exciting at a time when users are spending billions of hours and dollars on in-game purchases of digital assets, virtual loot and in-game recognition — even though these purchases have no tangible value in the real world. With INKGames, users are incentivized to join the platform, invite other users and get paid in realworld currencies for the virtual assets and points they acquire, and the activities they perform.
INKGames will pay millions of users to grow the world’s largest game networks. All of this is powered through a proven payment engine and reliable infrastructure to connect and compensate millions of influencers and users.
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